El Burro


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El Burro

El Burro is a fairly recently opened café/bar/restaurant in the heart of Mykonos. With a convenient location on the main peripheral road that leads to the main beaches as well as Mykonos Town, this is a great place to stop by for a cup of coffee–one of the best on the island–or to grab a refreshing juice, or an energising smoothie before hitting the beach. Feeling hungry? El Burro got you covered! Enjoy a great selection of pancakes and omelettes, as well as juicy burgers and fresh salads.


Cafes dot the island of Mykonos, their numbers peaking in the Old Town area and along the beachfront. Greek souvlaki enjoys special popularity among visitors looking to grab a quick bite with an authentic flair, and so do the sweet and savoury pancakes. For dessert, do not miss a local almond-based treat called 'amygdalota'–a bell-shaped cookie with a soft core that is crunchy on the outside.