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Beautiful historic towns dot the vast mountainous expanses of the Province of Cuneo. The landscape boasts a huge variety, from lush valleys, vineyards and natural reserves to rolling green hills and imposing snow-capped mountains, interrupted only by castles and quaint, tower-studded towns and villages, like the stunning Alba, Saluzzo and the regional capital of Cuneo. Locally produced cheeses, chocolates and especially wines are internationally renowned and sought-after, and the area also offers top-notch outdoor adventures.

The City

Cuneo is known as "the town of seven sieges", named so after the French who besieged the town several times during the War of Austrian Succession. Despite this, Cuneo was strong and successfully resisted until the Napoleonic Wars, when the city was finally conquered. It was only in 1959, after the restoration of Kingdom of Sardina and unification of Italy, that Cuneo became the capital of the province and main hub for the numerous attractions in the area. Use the town of Cuneo as a base of operations to explore the whole region. Visit Saluzzo, the "Siena of Piedmont”, or Alba, the Medieval "town of a hundred towers" for unrivaled historic architecture against a mezmerizing backdrop of snow-covered mountains. Travel to Frabosa Soprana or Limone Piemonte for top-notch skiing and winter activities. The mix of small-town charm and vast mountain scenery make Cuneo a top destination that is sure to please all who come.

Do & See

Cuneo is famous for its iconic public square, Piazza Galimberti. The town and all its famous architectural landmarks, treasured museums and cathedrals are just waiting to be discovered, along with some hidden gems in nearby towns like Saluzzo and Alba. A bit further afield you can find top-class trekking paths, skiing slopes and other outdoor adventures, as the list of things to do in Cuneo seems never-ending.


The local specialties of the Cuneo region include a variety of cheeses and cured meats, truffles from the area around Alba, and mains like gnocchi alla bava and risotto with quail. Discover local flavours and specialties at the wealth of traditional Piedmontese restaurants in Cuneo, and if you feel like something different, try one of the typical Italian or international eateries.


Cuneo is famous for the Al Rhum, a dark chocolate meringue with rum filling, but there are also plenty of great gelato parlours and specialty chocolate shops to choose from. Be sure to order a strong Italian coffee to accompany your selection, and enjoy the lively cafe culture of the area.

Bars & Nightlife

The people of Cuneo love to enjoy the great selection of bars, cafes, and clubs in their region, and often chat the night away over coffee, ice cream, or cocktails. Venues with outdoor seating are particularly sought after to enjoy the evening mountain air and city life. For the very best nightlife venture further into the region to Alba, Savigliano, and other nearby towns.


Cuneo is a town where you can find a lot of specialty shops, factory stores and galleries for music and art. Wine, cheese and especially chocolate are particular specialties of the region, and it is very much worth it to explore a bit beyond the city itself to the nearby towns of Alba, Bra, Mondovi and Savigliano, among others, to find the very best offerings.

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